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If this blog offends you... You might be a liberal.

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Jan 29

sirdukeiii said: I found you... due to tumblrbot. I didn't even know good things could come out of it. O_O This is the most fantastic thing I've ever wittnessed

Thank you!

That’s a cool way to be found.

If you think that having a period would be outlawed if abortion was outlawed…

…you just might be a liberal.

Is that a thing? Really? - Mod: PGC 

Jan 14

Anonymous said: i agree, most liberals actually really annoy me with all of these listed antics. and i'm a liberal. lol


Thanks ^_^

Dec 28

Anonymous said: this blog is awesome. thank you for existing.

thank you!

Dec 26

If you use the phrase “fuck the patriarchy” or blame the patriarchy for EVERYTHING…

…you might be a liberal.

If you say that Obama’s support of gay marriage is enough to convince you to vote for him, but you loathe Dick Cheney…

…you might be a liberal.

Cause, you know, Cheney supported gay marriage in 2009, when Obama was still a “homophobic bigot”. Yet his vice-presidential approval ratings after leaving office are still super low.

If you think that Obama supporting gay marriage in 1996, then not supporting it it 2008, then supporting it again in 2012, isn’t flip-flopping…

…you might be a liberal.

If you consider cheap emotional appeals legitimate arguments…

…you might be a liberal.

Dec 18

If you think that banning guns will stop criminals from using them…

…you might be a liberal.

Nov 22

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